Ansgar Oberholz
St. Oberholz GmbH

Ansgar Oberholz did not successfully complete his studies in physics, mathematics, computer science, philosophy and also forensics – the distractions in Berlin in the 90s were too great. He worked as a musician and software producer, founded a visual communication agency and ran a model agency. In 2005, together with Koulla Louca, he opened St. Oberholz: a creative hub in Berlin Mitte that is now internationally known and considered a milestone in the history of co-working. St. Oberholz now operates twelve locations in Berlin with flex offices and coworking caf├ęs and a workation retreat in Mecklenburg. Some well-known start-ups were founded at St. Oberholz, including Soundcloud, brands4friends and hellofresh. Ansgar himself is considered a veteran of the entrepreneur scene and an expert on the phenomena of new working and innovative real estate use.

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