Nicolas Rodriguez
BIMM University
Dean of Creative Technology

Nick Rodriguez has had a diverse and exciting career in the gaming industry for over three decades, working with some of the biggest game publishers in the world. His journey reflects the evolution of the gaming industry, from the early days of PC games and the launch of PlayStation Two to the convergence of web games, film, and television.

After starting his career as a tester and level designer for games like Croc and Alien Resurrection, Nick ventured into advertising and early Flash development. He then joined Climax Games, contributing to racing games and even collaborating on a project with Metallica. Later, he worked on music and party games with Zoƫ Mode, and in Australia, he delved into transmedia work, combining web games with traditional TV elements.

When Nick became a father, he took a break from the industry but eventually found his way back through a new career in games academia. Some of Nick’s career highlights include the thrill of holding a published game in his hands, working with Metallica, and the exciting times during the PlayStation Two boom era with Sony throwing lavish parties. His career has also allowed him to travel extensively, with stints in LA, Japan, China, and across Asia-Pacific.

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