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Verena Pausder is an entrepreneur and one of the best-known faces of the start-up scene in Germany. Described by the FAZ as a “driver”, Verena Pausder stands for entrepreneurial passion, a high degree of economic and socio-political responsibility and the will to actively work for the future viability of Germany as a business location.

This also goes hand in hand with her commitment to the topic of digital education. For Verena, equal access to digital education for all children is the basis for sustainable social coexistence. To this end, she founded Digitale Bildung für Alle e.V. in 2017. During the Corona period, she put online and initiated the country’s largest education hackathon #wirfürschule. For this, she was honoured by the Handelsblatt and BCG as a 2020 thought leader. In 2022, she launched the site to provide schools and parents with transparency and orientation about digital education offers.

In July 2022, Verena Pausder and 5 co-founders took over the women’s team of FC Viktoria Berlin. The goal is to lead the team from the regional league to the 1st Bundesliga within 5 years and to sustainably change women’s football in Germany and bring it forward.

Her book “Das Neue Land” is a Spiegel bestseller and was awarded the special prize “Entrepreneur Book of the Year” by the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2020. In her podcast “FAST & CURIOUS” she talks with her co-host Lea-Sophie Cramer about current trends and developments in the startup scene. The podcast is one of the top 10 German business podcasts and reaches over 30,000 listeners every week.

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