Tobias York
CEO & Founder

Tobias York, an advertiser, creative, is the founder of the creative agency “I LIKE VISUALS GmbH”. Born on 17 January 1986 in Berlin, he lives for the development of valuable ideas and tirelessly drives them forward. As the agency’s managing director, he is the creative mind that shapes the future. But Tobias is more than just an entrepreneur. He is a football fan with heart and soul and has dedicated his heart to 1. FC Union Berlin. The urban life of the capital pulsates in his DNA. His professional journey has taken him through stations such as the post of intern at Universal Music International and the role of project manager at the Wei├če Rose cultural centre. In the process, he has always shown a flair for extraordinary ideas, be it in the marketing of world-class artists or the staging of unforgettable events. Tobias York can not only develop ideas, but also impart knowledge. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a degree in Social Work from the Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences. In addition to his academic successes, he is involved in various social projects. The agency is his creative place, his love of football his lifeblood. But above all, he is a visionary who actively fights for a future with even better ideas. Tobias York – an entrepreneur, an enthusiast, a shaper of the future.

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