Lars Förster
subject:RESOUL AG
Co-Founder, Expert Leadership

Lars is Co-Founder of subject:RESOUL, an eleven year old, common good certified and sociocratically organized consulting company that supports organizations in creating spaces where people can work soulfully and effectively. Lars is a teaching trainer at the Institute for Systemic Consulting in Wiesloch and a senior coach at the German Federal Coaching Association. Many years ago he studied business administration with a focus on organization & leadership as well as environmental management in Berlin and Christchurch, New Zealand and then worked as a consultant in an HR consultancy for several years before founding his own company together with an bunch of colleagues. His strengths are dry humor, connectedness, creativity and a keen sense for other people as well as for possibility spaces in the future. It is yet better not to leave him in charge of building and maintaining neatly structured processes or excel spreadsheets.

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