Interactive Workshops

The PEOPLE & CULTURE FESTIVAL 2023 is just around the corner and we are stoked. Tomorrow we will be opening the doors of the cinema for the recruiting event in Berlin, which deals with the burning issues of the working world. With a wide range of workshops, we want to inspire you, give you new insights and get you all set for your professional future.

This year’s PEOPLE & CULTURE FESTIVAL offers a wide selection of workshops, from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and future skills for future generations to topics such as creating professional meaning and modern leadership. Here is an overview:

Mehr als CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – Geflüchtete ausbilden oder beschäftigen – This workshop is dedicated to the topic of integrating refugees into the world of work and will be led by Dörthe Achilles and Nadja Türke from ARRIVO BERLIN Servicebüro. Register here

Future Skills for Future Generations – Future skills and competencies for future generations will be discussed here. The workshop will be moderated by Dörte Schultze-Seehof, Bjoern Krass-Koenitz of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences & Ralf Kemmer of FuckUp Night Berlin. Register here

Wie finde ich Sinn im Beruf?Annika Schiefer from MEIN MUTIGER WEG helps participants to find their calling. Register here

Exploring New Leadership – This workshop, led by Lissi Muschol, promises new insights into modern leadership styles. Register here

Can We Make A Game in 30 Minutes using AI?Nicolas Rodriguez from BIMM University shows how to develop a game with artificial intelligence in just 30 minutes. Register here

KANN ICH NICHT! Der Anti-Workshop für BerufszweifelndeAnne Drees and Nadine Voß show people who suffer from professional self-doubt how they can overcome it. Register here

Meet your Future-Skills. Ein imaginäres Treffen mit deiner ZukunftJörg Leupold takes participants on an exciting journey into their professional future. Register here

Workshops machen – Schnelle Entscheidungen, mehr Commitment & weniger BlablaKatja Paar shows how to make workshops more effective. Register here

Was moderne Führung wirklich bedeutet?  Marie Koch and Natalie Hauser from TAM Academy shed light on the importance of modern leadership techniques. Register here

You have the opportunity to register for these workshops in advance and learn from our top-class speakers. But beware: places are limited, so be quick!

The PEOPLE & CULTURE FESTIVAL 2023 offers you the unique opportunity to gain new insights and develop your professional skills. Join us and look forward to an inspiring day full of knowledge exchange and networking. See you tomorrow.

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